Process fluids used in the metalworking industry are varied but all have one thing in common, they become contaminated in use from the metalworking process. Keeping them clean maintains performance and extends fluid life, saving money. Examples and case studies are detailed here to help guide you to the best solution for your filtration process fluid management issues. Equipment ranges from a large central coolant management system looking after multiple machine tools to standalone filtration systems for the smallest cutting or grinding machine.

Could not find what you were looking for? We may be able to help you anyway. Let us know your issue and we can come up with a solution. We are able to commission process fluid equipment and special filter or separation systems to order.

Water Mix Cutting Fluids

process fluids filtration

Cutting Fluids are emulsions of water and oil which can become contaminated from the machining process. Keeping them clean will pay dividends.

Neat Grinding Oils

neat grinding oil filtration

Used where lubrication is important to prevent wheel failure. Often used for high stock removal, good filtration is needed to maintain wheel life and component surface finish.

Water Mix Grinding Fluids

process fluid filtration grinding

Grinding Fluids need to be free from particulates to provide a perfect surface finish. Consumable free filtration systems offer many cost saving benefits.

Hard Metal Grinding Fluid

filtration hard metal grinding

Carbide grinding fines are not only difficult to separate but the waste generated has a high recycling value. We have a perfect media free separator for the process.

Neat Cutting Oils

process fluid filtration neat cutting oil

Used where lubrication is more important than cooling, neat oils are ideal candidates for media free filtration. Central systems or stand alone are discussed.

Honing Oils

honing oil process fluid filtration

Used where ultra-fine surface finish is of prime importance. By definition waste particle sizes are small so can be returned in the clean fluid feed which is unacceptable.