Process Fluid Filtration

process-fluid-filtrationThe Dolphin is a small footprint purifier intended for use to purify both cutting fluids and industrial washing fluids. Many process fluid filtration issues can be solved using the Dolphin including water mix cutting coolants, grinding coolants & industrial wash systems. The Dolphin is designed to run automatically without the need for continual maintenance, all that is necessary is to clean the reusable filter bag when needed. Tramp oil from the process is collected continuously and can be periodically discharged from the holding tank ready for disposal.

Constructed entirely in stainless steel the unit will separate tramp oil and solid particles from the carrier fluid. Consumable filter media is not needed, instead the Dolphin uses a reusable filter bag for particulate and a lamella separator to remove tramp oil.

The unit is complete, once connected to electricity, water and compressed air, it is ready to go. Although originally intended as a wash plant purifier the Dolphin can be used as a mini coolant management system for up to five machining centres or lathes and is adaptable enough to be used in many areas of process fluid filtration found in industry.