Neat Grinding Oils Filtration - Media Free Filter Systems

Neat Grinding Oils Filtration is vital to maintain the carrier oil clean as it returns to the grinding zone. Too many particles in the clean feed line is a major culprit producing a poor surface finish and degraded component quality. What can be done about it?

Neat grinding oils are used where the required lubricity cannot be provided by using a water-based product. A typical application is gear grinding or form grinding where a combination of material hardness and high frictional forces need exceptional lubricity and probably extreme pressure performance to protect the wheel and work piece. Neat grinding oils provide less cooling that water- based products but this is a secondary consideration where surface finish and high accuracy is of prime importance. Further cooling can be enhanced using a chiller to remove heat generated in the grinding process.

Naturally when using neat grinding oils effective filtration will be of the upmost importance. Neat oils have a lower viscosity than water soluble which is important to provide a boundary layer of lubricity between the grinding wheel and work-piece. Lower viscosity means grinding fines produced by the process fall out less rapidly often leading to challenges in the specification of the most effective filtration equipment. Usually a simple paper-band filter is not the best choice. In fact it is best to avoid consumable media filtration systems altogether.

Pygmer Stand-Alone Filtration System

This is a paper free filter system targeted firmly at single grinding machines that require good filtration and is particularly suited to neat oil grinding applications. Complete with an automatic topping up system and evaporation cooling the unit includes a stainless steel filter mesh which is self-cleaning. Sludge dewatering is also included, collected coolant is returned to the process leaving a semi-dry waste for disposal. Main features are:

Permanent Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Filter Cloth
Small Footprint - Minimum Floor Space Required
Automatic Sludge Discharge with Dewatering System
Evaporation Cooling (Typically up to 3°C)
Scraper Removal Possible - Even while in production
Optional Tramp Oil Separator
Low Elevation Fluid Inlet Connection


Neat Oil Central Filtration Systems

A Centralised Grinding Fluid Filtration System has many benefits over standalone grinding filtration. The transportation of all grinding waste to a central location is just one. Whether for neat grinding oil or water-based coolants our DinoFilter Central Systems are bespoke designed for the application. Using no consumable media and able to process any flow rate from a few hundred litres per minute to 10,000 litres/minute they are ideally suited to those companies wishing to finally gain complete control over every aspect of fluid management. Considered to be low maintenance and reliable by our previous clients many have installed more than on system as more capacity was needed.

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