Mobile Coolant Cleaning

mobile-coolant-cleaningThe Penguin is a mobile coolant cleaning unit that can be moved around the shop floor from machine to machine to remove tramp oil and floating particulate.

Manufactured in stainless steel the unit utilises our proven three phase lamella plate technology to separate tramp oil and particles from metalworking fluids without the need for consumable media.

Tramp oil is collected in a purpose built container while solid particulate can be discharged from the bottom of the unit. Manual cleaning is not required the lamella package has an automatic self cleaning cycle operated by compressed air on a time relay.

Once setup the unit runs automatically to keep machine tool sumps free from the contamination process, increasing sump life and preserving coolant performance. Supplied complete with quick connect suction devices to fit any machine tool scenario the Penguin is designed to run night and day without maintenance.

The Penguin is used for by-pass purification of cutting coolants and washing liquids. It is targeted at those machine shops that need a simple way of completing mobile coolant cleaning without the hassle of installing tramp oil skimmers and particulate separators at each machine.

The standard unit makes use of a 240v pump but we can supply an air operated diaphragm pumped alternative if that is preferred. Simple to maintain and operate and built to last,  mobile coolant cleaning has never been easier.

These units have been used extensively to remove surface level tramp oil and particulate from machine tool sumps. However they are also an excellent solution to wash fluid contamination and are not affected by hot, alkaline wash fluids.  When used in a machine shop environment a number of machine tool sumps can be purified within one day making them an efficient investment. Able to reduce tramp oil contamination to less than 1% without the need of consumable filters or bags makes them cost effective and easy to maintain and operate.