Grinding Filter Systems

Pygmer (VXPY-A)These grinding filter systems have no need for consumable media and therefore produce only the waste from the grinding process.

Paper-band filter systems have a continuous overhead in that new paper-band must be purchased throughout the operating life of the system. This Pygmer grinding fluid system adds no volume from paper media which also has to be disposed of in the waste steam adding to disposal costs.

The Pygmer is a paper free grinding filter system used for the purification of fluid in a single stand alone grinding machine. Using similar technology to its larger sister, the Dinofilter, the system has a small footprint compared with it’s throughput.

Where tramp oil is also an issue the system can be installed with a tramp oil separator. Complete with an automatic topping up system the Pygmer uses evaporation cooling to lower the temperature of the incumbent grinding fluid.

As with all our grinding filter systems the Pygmer is a lean maintenance unit requiring little attention once commissioned.

Filter cleaning and sludge dewatering are additional features of the system all packaged in a minimum footprint.

The system has lean maintenance needs but is easy to work on if required. Filtration is by a vacuum drum which is equipped with an automatic self cleaning system. The grinding process can continue while cleaning is taking place so there will be no impact on production.

Purification quality: Particles down to 25µ
Throughput capacity: Up to 100-300 liters/min. (Depending on model).

Major Features are:

  • Permanent self cleaning filter cloth manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Minimum floor space needed due to it vertical type construction.
  • Automatic sludge de-watering and discharge.
  • Evaporation cooling (lowers the temperature up to 3°C)
  • Optional tramp oil separator.
  • Reception tank from grinding machine is pumped allowing connection to machines with low elevation.