DinoFilter Coolant Management System


DinoFilter Coolant Management Systems consist of one or several filter cassettes which are located in the central units.

Contaminated fluid returned from the process enters the filter tank where it is passed through the filter mesh on each cassette. Solid particulate, which cannot pass through, builds into a filter cake on the outside of the filter mesh. Clean fluid is pumped to the clean tank where it is returned to process.

Each cassette is automatically closed down at intervals to allow the filter cake to be removed before being discharged from the central plant by scraper. The filter mesh is constructed from acid proof stainless steel to provide for a long service life.

Cassettes operate independently meaning that should it be necessary to remove one for any reason the production process can continue unaffected. This makes the DinoFilter a perfect fit for full flow systems where the entire production process is reliant on 100% up-time. The number of filter cassettes in each DinoFilter is dependent upon the flow rate required in the process.

Coolant Management Systems Simplified

Benefits post installation:

  • Zero use of consumable media (paper) reducing waste to only that generated in the process.
  • Limited number of moving parts leading to a lean maintenance requirement.
  • Modular construction enables a cassette to be removed without affecting filtration or production.
  • Outstanding efficiency when clarifying fluids containing fibrous materials e.g. steel grinding.
  • Ideal for full flow systems collecting aluminum or steel chips from the cutting process.
  • Flow rates up to 10,000 litres/min can be specified.
  • Automatic Topping Up & Mixing system
  • Full PLC Control and Diagnostics.

DinoFilter Grinding Application Example

The DinoFilter Coolant Management System has many applications particularly in the grinding industry. Waste from the grinding process, a mixture of wheel debris and metal particles, is carried with the coolant to the central filter unit. The separated waste is discharged automatically by the DinoFilter conveyor.

The waste is ejected as a filter cake and depending on the grinding process will appear as in the images.  A de-watering system, a modified skip, can be supplied to allow coolant to be returned to the process. This will give two benefits, less coolant is wasted and the waste steam disposal is easier.

coolant management system grinding waste
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