Our Core Product Range

Coolant Filtration Systems built to last and fully automatic in operation. Whatever size machine shop there will be a system to suit. From the simplest mobile coolant cleaning system to central coolant management systems for soluble oils and neat oil. Cutting and grinding process's are covered, all have lean maintenance requirements and no system uses any form of consumable media. Coolant Filtration Systems designed to automatically manage all parts of the coolant life cycle without much human intervention.

Central Coolant System

coolant filtration system

Central Coolant Management System to automatically provide clean coolant to every machine tool in the machine shop through a dedicated flow and return pipework delivery system. Using no consumable media the system operates 24/7 to remove tramp oil and particulate contamination while maintaining constant coolant dilution and coolant levels at each machine tool.

Central Coolant Filtration Systems

central grinding filtration system

Central Coolant Filtration Systems suitable for both water mix coolant and neat oils. Targeted specifically at companies carrying out any type of grinding the system is particularly suitable for grinding operations featuring high stock removal. Using no consumable media the central plant operates 24/7 to service any grinding machine connected through a dedicated supply and return pipeline system.

Bison Central Coolant System

coolant filtration central system

For machine shops where it is unlikely machine tool numbers will exceed twenty-five  this cutting fluid management system will provide clean coolant to every machine tool connected. Centrally located it's footprint is small compared with it's performance in removing tramp oil and floating particulate while maintaining sumps at the correct level and dilution.

Mustang Central Coolant System

coolant management systems

For a small machine shop having up to fifteen machine tools where tramp oil and particulate contamination can no longer be tolerated. This cutting fluid management system will provide clean coolant to every machine tool connected at a minimal cost. 

At 2.5 metres long this is our smallest central separator yet has all the functionality of it's bigger brothers.

Fine Particle Separation

carbide filtration system

Called a 'Decantor' this separator is capable of fine particle separation found in carbide grinding and similar grinding operations. Consumable filters are not required, this is a gravitational separator able to remove particulate down to a few microns. Separated particulate is contained an a 200 litre barrel for disposal or recycling dependent on the process.

Grinding Filter Systems

grinding fluid filtration

A stand alone grinding filtration system more often used to replace paper-band and consumable filter systems. Specifically designed to have a small footprint this unit will provide consumable free filtration to any grinding machine up-to a flow rate of 300 litres/minute.

Process Fluid Filtration

cutting fluid filter separator

Able to purify both cutting fluids and washing liquids the Dolphin uses no consumable media in removing tramp oils and other contaminates from industrial fluids. Usually used as a stand alone filtration process the Dolphin can also be connected to several machine tools to remove tramp oil and floating particulate.

Mobile Coolant Cleaning


A mobile tramp oil separator the Penguin will also remove small floating particulates without the need for any consumable filters. Built entirely from stainless steel it is a robust unit ready to be moved easily from machine to machine keeping coolant clean.