Carbide Filtration System


A Carbide Filtration System using no consumables is more properly referred to as a separator. This system has many advantages over conventional filter systems as the waste generated contains no trace of consumable media. Carbide waste can be deposited directly from the process into barrels ready for recycling. The system is not restricted to carbide processors either. Many fluids containing difficult to remove particles can benefit from this filtration system.

This separator enables particle separation down to 10µ (option 3µ) by settling them in a motionless liquid volume. Small particles, which accumulate in process fluids particularly hard metal grinding, are difficult to separate in a liquid which is moving. However by settling out particles in a motionless volume it is quite possible to attain high levels of separation with particles as small as 3µ.

This is the working principle of our Decantor Separation System. Periodic settling of the carrier fluid in a motionless liquid volume installed with a lamella package provides an environment where the smallest particles are allowed to separate.

The Decantor is equipped with a clean tank, dirty tank, supply pumps and automatic topping-up system. The lamella packages are sized according to process flow rate and has a built in automatic self cleaning system. Separated particulate in the form of sludge is collected automatically in standard 200 litre drums. Total throughput capacity up to 2000 litres/min.

As with all our systems the Decantor is classed as a lean maintenance unit, once set up it requires little in the way of human intervention and uses zero consumable media.

Application: Hard metal grinding, honing, EDM fluids
Separation quality: Down to 15µ (option 3µ)
Throughput capacity: Up to 2.000 lpm/unit

Carbide Filtration System: Application Example

Carbide grinding is a perfect application for our Decantor system. The waste stream is difficult to separate using conventional filter systems and often the waste is contaminated with the filter media adding to disposal costs. The Decantor is media free and with the resulting waste stream collected automatically in barrels, this valuable commodity is ready for recycling.


The barrel here has only to be capped off with a lid, replaced with an empty one and the process continues automatically. The carbide is extremely concentrated and has little grinding fluid left in the mix so is more acceptable to recycling companies. Its also very heavy!

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