Bison Cutting Fluid Management System

Bison (VXSK-A 300)

The Bison is a cutting fluid management system targeted at metal cutting machine shops having up to 25 machine tools either machining centres or lathes. Built to the same specification as our Dinosaurus range of central coolant management systems and having the same features, it is just a smaller unit.

It’s a self-cleaning 3-phase lamella separator, comprising  dirty tank, clean tank, supply pumps, sludge conveyor and automatic top up/mixer system.

The Cutting Fluid Management system uses no consumable media apart from power and a little compressed air. The system can be described as lean maintenance, the central plant needs no daily input from operatives.

When connected to a factory wide supply and return pipeline system clean coolant is delivered to each machine tool at the correct dilution while each machine tool sump is maintained at the level required to ensure optimum coolant performance. Therefore, coolant dilution across the shop floor is always consistent and is easily monitored at the central unit where adjustments can be made. Labour costs associated with such tasks as cutting fluid control and delivery can  be deleted from the process.

Every Cutting Fluid Management system needs three main components a brief overview is below.




The Bison can manage up to 25 machine tools continually removing tramp oil and particulate from the manufacturing process. Equipped with an automatic cleaning system and using no consumable media the Bison will operate 24/7 to keep coolants clean. The automatic topping up system mixes fresh coolant only when needed maintaining each machine tool sump at the correct level and dilution. With few moving parts the Bison unit has a lean maintenance requirement needing little day to day intervention.

Sludge handling systems can be incorporated including de-watering automatically feeding recovered coolant back to the process.