Who Are We?

Fluid Solutions are the UK distributor and supplier for Vivex AB located in Stockholm Sweden. We have been together since 1995.

Our motivation to get involved with Vivex was twofold. Their undying pursuit of coolant management and filtration systems that do not require consumables coupled with a requirement to be as lean maintenance as humanly possible. From these two objectives we estimated that there would be tangible benefits for our clients. We were not disappointed!

Our Expertise

Vivex have similar experiences to ours regarding repeat customers as they continue to develop new filtration technologies and solutions for clients from around the world. We know that we can rely on their excellent backup and service  - if we ever need it. With 25 years’ experience working together and Vivex history going back to the early 1980’s we are confident that we can help you with any separation or filtration issue you may encounter.

We  supply client lists in every proposal we make and are very comfortable in arranging any contact you wish if it is within our remit. We want you to be comfortable in approaching us knowing that we have the expertise required to benefit your business.

What We Do

Our existing customers, many are household names, chose us not only because we can deliver exactly on these two objectives but also because we guarantee quality and reliability. Early deliveries of centralised coolant management systems from 1995 are still operating today and have paid back their investment many times over.  We care about our reputation and even more about our customers many of them have come back to us to help solve further separation and filtration issues. Our business is loosely described as separation and filtration for the metalworking industry but our systems deliver much more than that. We provide a total coolant management package so you can forget coolants and concentrate on what you do best. Manufacturing!

Need a Survey?

 Can we talk? Just lift the phone or send us an email, perhaps we can help, if we can't we will be the first to tell you.