Fluid Solutions Offer Turn-Key Fluid Management Systems & Stand Alone Equipment for the Purification of Fluids in the Metalworking Industry

Coolant Management


Reduce Waste

Cutting fluids and grinding fluids become contaminated in use mainly from machine tool slide-way and hydraulic oils that find their way into the coolants. Other contaminates from the process materials, grease and particulates also play their part. The build-up of bacteria and fungus lead to wasted coolant and disposal costs which can be virtually eliminated by keeping coolant clean.


Eliminate Downtime

The continual relentless cycle of sump changes and clean-outs are a result of degraded coolant. The inevitable downtime and associated labour costs can be huge. Post installation of a central coolant management system the contamination cycle is broken allowing coolant to perform to specification eliminating unnecessary sump changes. Clean coolants are good for the environment too.


Increase Production

Our central coolant management systems remove the need to monitor machine tool coolants on a machine to machine basis. Single point monitoring at the central plant is all that is required. Add to this automatic topping up, central point removal of tramp oil and sludge, auto ph and dilution monitoring and adjustment – and without the use of any consumable media. The systems even clean themselves!

Product Range

Dinosaurus (VXSK-A)


A coolant management system for water-mix cutting fluids. Three phase separation to remove tramp oil and particulate delivering clean coolant back to process.... read more

Dinofilter (VXPC-A)


A vacuum drum filter with replaceable stainless steel filter mesh producing fine filtration for water mix grinding coolants and neat oil applications...read more

Bison (VXSK-A 300)


A coolant management system for purification of water based cutting coolants. Separating tramp oil and solid particles automatically 24/7. Up to 20 machine tools....read more

Mustang (VXCS)

coolant management systems-10-machines

Similar to the Bison unit but less capacity serving up to 10 machine tools. Small footprint makes it a perfect choice for small machine shops.read more

Decantor (VXDC-A)


A separator enabling separation of particles down to 5µ by settling them in motionless liquid volume. Ideal for hard metal grinding... read more

Pygmer (VXPY-A)


Paper-free filter system for purification of grinding fluid in single grinding machine. With automatic topping-up and evaporation cooling..read more

Dolphin (VXGR)


A purifier using no consumable filter media. Built in stainless steel ideal for purification of industrial washing fluid and cutting coolants.. read more

Penguin (VXKN-M)


Stainless steel mobile separator, little maintenance & no consumables just 10 litres of compressed air per day for auto-cleaning... read more

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